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How can I get a quote about a SWPPP?

By visiting our contact page and filling out the form or calling 1-800-518-9637.

What documents are required in order to create a SWPPP narrative?

Geotechnical Report, Civil Drawing Set, and Request for Information (RFI). Signed permitting documents are included to the SWPPP narrative once they are filed.

What is the key difference between a Primary Operator and a Secondary Operator?

The role of a Primary Operator is to deal with day to day operational control over construction and plans; the operator is required to ensure compliance with a SWP3. A Secondary Operator role has limited operational control to the employment of other operators, or limited ability to approve/disapprove changes to plans.

What does SWPPP stand for?

SWPPP is an abbreviation for Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan.

Is it required to have a SWP3 narrative in place before an NOI is submitted?

Yes it's required, when an NOI is submitted, the permittee is certifying that a SWP3 is created and been implemented before the construction process.

When installing BMP’s onsite, is it required to install exactly what's being specified on the civil plans?

It's not required, the Texas General Permit allows the site Operator to approve/disapprove on what BMPs are actually used and where they're used. Often this means deviating from what being specified on the civil drawings. The Operator’s obligation is to make decisions that creates the desired results, and have them documented.

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